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No.CultivarHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Early to Rise''First Up' (DUPLICATE/INCORRECT NAME) 'Early Riser' (SIMILAR NAME)
2 'Edge of Might''Dorothy Benedict' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Edge of Night' (SIMILAR NAME)
3 'Edge Of Night''Edge of Might (SIMILAR NAME)'Tardiflora' 'Sieboldiana' 'Elegans' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
4 'Edged Starburst''Starburst' (SIMILAR NAME)
5 'Edward Wargo''Edward Ward' (SIMILAR NAME)
6 'Egypt Me''Egypt Me Too' (SIMILAR NAME)
7 'Egypt Me Too''Egypt Me' (SIMILAR NAME)
8 'Elisabeth''Elizabeth' (SIMILAR NAME)
9 'Elizabeth''Chartreuse Wiggles' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Elisabeth' (SIMILAR NAME)
10 'Emerald Green Metallic''Emerald Green' (SIMILAR NAME)
11 'Emeralds and Diamonds' (Malloy)'Emeralds and Diamonds' (Stygall) (SIMILAR NAME)
12 'Emeralds and Diamonds' (Stygall)'Sieboldiana' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Emeralds and Diamonds' (Malloy) (SIMILAR NAME)
13 'Encore' (Aden)'Encore' (Wilkins) 'Encore' (Unknown) (SIMILAR NAME)
14 'Encore' (Unknown)Hosta ventricosa (GENETIC BACKGROUND) (SOURCE: The Hostapedia) 'Encore' (Wilkins) 'Encore' (Aden) (SIMILAR NAME)
15 'Encore' (Wilkins)'Encore' (Unknown) 'Encore' (Aden) (SIMILAR NAME)
16 'Eos' (Fischer)Hosta kikutii (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Eos' (Malloy) (SIMILAR NAME)
17 'Eos' (Malloy)'Moonlight' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Eos' (Fischer) (SIMILAR NAME)

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