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No.CultivarHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Heaven and Earth''Heaven on Earth' (SIMILAR NAME)
2 'Heaven on Earth''Heaven and Earth' (SIMILAR NAME)
3 'Hercules''Blue Angel' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Herkules' (SIMILAR NAME)
4 'Herifu Tet''Hirao Tet' (SIMILAR NAME)
5 'Herkules''Fortunei Gigantea', 'Fortunei' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Grey Piecrust' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Hercules' (SIMILAR NAME)
6 'Hirao Zeus''Blue Dome' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Zeus', 'Zeus' Fury' (SIMILAR NAME)
7 'Holar Flying Saucer''Moongate Flying Saucer', 'Flying Saucer' (SIMILAR NAME) Hosta hypoleuca, 'Cartwheels', 'Golden Nugget', 'Frances Williams', 'Elegans', 'Sieboldiana' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
8 'Holly's Moses''Holy Moses' (SIMILAR NAME)
9 'Home Run''Home Run Owen' (SIMILAR NAME)
10 'Home Run Owen''Home Run' (SIMILAR NAME) (SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
11 'Hot Mama''Cosmic Hot Mama' (SIMILAR NAME)
12 'Ming Dynasty' (O'Harra)'Dark Tower' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Ming Dynasty' (Hanson) (SIMILAR NAME)

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