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No.CultivarHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Pablo Picasso''Picasso' (SIMILAR NAME)
2 'Painter's Palette''Artist's Palette' 'Border Palette' (SIMILAR NAME)
3 'Palatina Fragrant Gold Bouquet''Fragrant Gold', 'Fragrant Bouquet' (SIMILAR NAME)
4 'Palatina Full Monty''Kiwi Full Monty' (SIMILAR NAME)
5 'Palm Sunday''Foxfire Palm Sunday' (SIMILAR NAME)
6 'Pandemonium''Sparkle' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Pandymonium' (SIMILAR NAME)
7 'Pandymonium''Pandemonium' (SIMILAR NAME) 'Mira', 'Sieboldiana' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
8 'Patent Leather''Patent Leather Lemon' (SIMILAR NAME)
9 'Patent Leather Lemon''Patent Leather' (SIMILAR NAME)
10 'Pe King''Peking' (SIMILAR NAME)
11 'Pea Pod' (Carlson)'Pea Pod' (Solberg) (SIMILAR NAME)
12 'Pea Pod' (Solberg)'Pea Pod' (Carlson) (SIMILAR NAME)
13 'Peking'Hosta ventricosa 'Aureomaculata', Hosta ventricosa (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Heartache', 'Holly's Gold' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Pe King' (SIMILAR NAME)
14 'Peppermint Sticks''Lakeside Peppermint Sticks' (SIMILAR NAME)
15 'Peppermint Twist''Allegan Peppermint Twist' (SIMILAR NAME)
16 'Phantastic''Fantastic' (SIMILAR NAME)
17 'Phantom' (Jentsch)'Phantom' (Solberg) (SIMILAR NAME) 'DD Phantom' (DUPLICATE/INCORRECT NAME) (SOURCE: MyHosta Database)
18 'Phantom' (Solberg)Hosta pycnophylla (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Phantom' (Jentsch) (SIMILAR NAME)
19 'Pharoah's Gold''American Pharoah' (SIMILAR NAME)
20 'Picasso''Pablo Picasso' (SIMILAR NAME)
21 'Pinotte''Peanut' (SIMILAR NAME)
22 'Pin-up' (Malloy)'Pin-up' (Van Eechaute) (SIMILAR NAME)
23 'Pin-up' (Van Eechaute)'Pole Cat', 'Risky Business', 'Stripped Naked', 'White Bikini', 'White Line Fever' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Pin-up' (Malloy) (SIMILAR NAME)
24 'Plain Jane in an A-Line Skirt''Plain Jane in a Frilly Skirt' (SIMILAR NAME) Hosta montana (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
25 'Play Thing''Plaything' (SIMILAR NAME)
26 'Plaything''Sieboldiana' (TYPE) 'Play Thing' (SIMILAR NAME)
27 'Polar Moon' (New Encyclopedia of Hostas) 'Polar Moon' (The Hostapedia) (SIMILAR NAME) (SOURCE: The Hostapedia)
28 'Polar Moon' (The Hostapedia)'Clifford's Polar Moon' (CORRECT NAME) (SOURCE: The Hostapedia) 'Polar Moon' (New Encyclopedia of Hostas) (SIMILAR NAME)
29 'Pot of Gold''Pot O'Gold' (SIMILAR NAME)
30 'Pot O'Gold''Pot of Gold' (SIMILAR NAME)
31 'Potter's Hands''Potter's Hands Baby' (SIMILAR NAME) (SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
32 'Potter's Hands Baby''Potter's Hands' (SIMILAR NAME) (SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
33 'Precious''Crazy Quilt' (GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Precious Metal', 'My Precious' (SIMILAR NAME)
34 'Precious Metal''Precious', 'My Precious' (SIMILAR NAME)
35 'Proud Mary' (Balitewicz)'Proud Mary' (Duncan) (SIMILAR NAME)
36 'Proud Mary' (Duncan)'Proud Mary' (Balitewicz) (SIMILAR NAME)
37 'Pucker Up' (Brashear)'Pucker Up' (Kedl) (SIMILAR NAME)
38 'Pucker Up' (Kedl)'Pucker Up' (Brashear) (SIMILAR NAME)
39 'Purple Flash''Purple Flush' (SIMILAR NAME)
40 'Purple Flush''Purple Flash' (SIMILAR NAME) 'Tardiflora' 'Sieboldiana' 'Elegans' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
41 'Purple Scape''Purple Scapes' (SIMILAR NAME)
42 'Purple Scapes''Purple Scape' (SIMILAR NAME) (SOURCE: Hosta Library)

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