After entering information on the 10 background categories listed below for each of the over 13,000 hosta names in the Hosta Helper Database, we created a total search results page for each of the names. Most plants have fewer than 10 entries but there are several hostas that have 50 or more. These pages were large and often confusing with so many different factors presented.

So, for these prolific  or "Major" hostas we have created individual pages for each of the 10 categories plus the total page. Listed below are the cultivars and species which fall into our Major designation.

  1. As Pod Parent
  2. As Pollen Parent
  3. As Sport Parent
  4. Incorrect Names
  5. Genetic Background
  1. "Same As" Hostas
  2. Siblings
  3. Similar Hostas
  4. Similar Names
  5. "Type" Hostas























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