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Some of the over 11,000 hosta names in our database are of "unknown" origin. However, most of them have someone named as the person who originated (discovered, hybridized or selected) the cultivar or the person who registered it with The American Hosta Society. Listed below are the individuals or enterprises who are associated with the cultivars in our database. Some have only one or two hostas to their credit while others such as Herb Benedict or Ed Elslager of Michigan, Alex Malloy of New York, Mark Zilis of Illinois and Mary Chastain of Tennessee each have introduced hundreds of cultivars.

So far we have included 582 originators from 36 U.S. states and another 190 from 19 other countries.  Test

  1. Hiroshi Abe of Japan
  2. Deb Abrams of New York
  3. Joy Adams of Iowa
  4. Paul Aden of Garden of Aden in New York
  5. Marlene Ahlburg of Germany
  6. Thomas Ahrens
  7. D. Aiello of Rhode Island
  8. Mary Amberg of Massachusetts
  9. The American Hosta Society
  10. Chuck & Sue Anderson of Mason Hallow Nursery in New Hampshire
  11. Jim Anderson of Winterberry Farms in Georgia
  12. K. Anderson of Indiana
  13. Ken Anderson of Minnesota
  14. M. Anderson of New Jersey
  1. Marlys Anderson of Iowa
  2. Vilmorin et Andrieux of Canada
  3. Bary Ankney of White Oak Nursery in Illinois
  4. Charles Applegate of Ohio
  5. Anne Arett of Minnesota
  6. Georg Arends of Germany
  7. Maxine Armstrong of Nebraska
  8. Beth Arnold of Illinois
  9. Arrowhead Nursery of Michigan
  10. A. Artley of North Carolina
  11. Stuart Asch of Michigan
  12. Bate Aukema of the Netherlands
  13. Tony Avent of Plant Delights Nursery in North Carolina
  14. Bob Axmear of Iowa

  1. Lloyd Bachman of Minnesota
  2. Crickett Bailey of Vermont
  3. Liberty Hyde Bailey of Michigan
  4. Bob Balitewicz of Indiana
  5. Don & Diana Ballantyne of Oregon
  6. Princetta Balthemeau of Ohio
  7. Patricia Balletta of New York
  8. Bruce Banyai of Delaware
  9. Pauline Banyai of Michigan
  10. T.R. Barbee of Ohio
  11. Bill & Anna Barger of Ontario, Canada
  12. Dave Barham of Canada
  13. Rosemary Barrett of New Zealand
  14. Jack Barta of Jack's Hostas in Wisconsin
  15. J. Bartley of Ohio
  16. Jocelyne Bastille of Aux Mille Hostas in Canada
  17. R. Beal of Massachusetts
  18. Josef Becherer of Germany
  19. Doug Beilstein of Ohio
  20. Doug and Mardy Beilstein of Ohio
  21. Nancy Krul of Belle Gardens in Michigan
  22. Stan Beikmann of Michigan
  23. Patricia Belletta of New York
  24. Royall Bemis of Blackthorne Gardens in Massachusetts
  25. Matt Bendig of Wisconsin
  26. Jeff Benfield of North Carolina
  27. Dr. Ralph (Herb) and Dorothy Benedict of Michigan
  28. Dr. Ralph (Herb) Benedict of Michigan
  29. Pierre Bennerup of Connecticut
  30. Bill Bennett of Virginia
  31. Gerry Bennett of Massachusetts
  32. Bentley Gardens in Connecticut
  33. Leo Berbee of the Netherlands
  34. Amy Bergeron of Michigan
  35. Carl Betcher
  1. A. Birks of Massachusetts
  2. H. Bishop
  3. Lynn Bisschop of Shdes of Green in Ontario, Canada
  4. Gwen Black of England
  5. Paul Black of Oregon
  6. Amanda Blake of Australia
  7. Alan Bloom of England
  8. Blue Jean Nursery of Ohio
  9. Tim Boak of Ohio
  10. John Bond of Savill Gardens in England
  11. Norma Bond of Iowa
  12. Sandra Bond of England
  13. R. Boonstra of Ohio
  14. Wm Borsch of Oregon
  15. Roger and Ann Bowden of England
  16. Dave Bowe of Iowa
  17. Peter Brandt-Sorheim of Minnesota
  18. Carol Brashear of Connecticut
  19. Gaby Braun-Nauerz of Germany
  20. Al Breiwick of Minnesota
  21. Jody Brennan of Pennsylvania
  22. Briggs Nursery of Massachusetts
  23. Briggs Nursery of Washington
  24. Kirk Brill of Iowa
  25. Bill Brincka of Indiana
  26. Larry Brinker of Canada
  27. British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society
  28. Ernest Brodeur of Massachusetts
  29. Gary Bronson of Ohio
  30. Sandy Brown of Michigan
  31. Budd Gardens of Canada
  32. Clayton Burkey of Pennsylvania
  33. Burles of England
  34. Nancy Burlingame of New York
  35. Ainee Busse of Busse Gardens in Minnesota
  36. Patrick Butaye of Belgium
  37. Dick and Jamie Butler of Indiana
  38. I. Byrd of North Carolina

  1. Cady's Fall Nursery of Vermont
  2. Carl Calderara of Rhode Island
  3. Margaret Campbell-Bauer of Illinois
  4. Lillian Cannon of Illinois
  5. Caprice Farm Nursery of Oregon
  6. Ellen Carder of Delaware
  7. Monty and Julie Carlson of Minnesota
  8. Kate Carpenter of North Carolina
  9. Centerton Nursery of New Jersey
  10. Steve Chamberlain of New York
  11. Channing
  12. Mary Chastain of Lakeside Acres Nursery in Tennessee
  13. Beth Chatto of England
  14. Sarah & Joe Chaulk of Amity Farm Hostas and Shade Perennials in Ohio
  15. Chelsea Physic Garden in England
  16. Dave Chopko of New Jersey
  17. Bernard Chodyla of Florida
  18. John Christensen of New Jersey
  19. Ian Chrystal of England
  20. Rob Claeys of Michigan
  21. Larry Clements of Iowa
  22. John Clifford of Michigan
  1. Faye Coble of Missouri
  2. Lori Coffman of Indiana
  3. Gordon Collier of New Zealand
  4. Alleyne Cook of Canada
  5. Wayne Cook of Missouri
  6. Violet Cooley of Arkansas
  7. Roger Cornitensis of Belgium
  8. Steve Compton of Minnesota
  9. Robert Cory of Cory's Wildflower Garden in Ohio
  10. Lyle Courtice of Canada
  11. D. Courtney of Michigan
  12. A. Cox of Wisconsin
  13. Scott Crabb of Indiana
  14. Creative Gardens of Minnesota
  15. Jack Craig
  16. John Creech of Washington D.C.
  17. Clyde Crockett of Indiana
  18. Roger Cronitensis of Belgium
  19. Leila & Harold Cross of Crossview Gardens in Vermont
  20. Peter Cross of Missouri
  21. Allen Crowder of North Carolina
  22. Walter Cullerton of Pennsylvania
  23. Alex Cumming of Connecticut
  24. J. Bruce Cumpson of Canada
  25. Kathy Cyriacks of Minnesota

  1. Sigrid Dalgaard of Minnesota
  2. Jim and Meg Dalton of New York
  3. Mike Dammen of in Minnesota
  4. Robert Danik of Pennsylvania
  5. Sarah Dapra of Michigan
  6. D. Darr of Ohio
  7. Walt Daughenbaugh of Pennsylvania
  8. Theo and Marie-José Dautzenberg of the Netherlands
  9. LeRoy Davidson of Washington
  10. Art Davis
  11. Fred Davis of Maine
  12. Roy and Rhonda Davis of Illinois
  13. Robert Dawber of New Zealand
  14. Piet de Rooij of the Netherlands
  15. Don Dean of Minnesota
  16. John Dearborn of England
  17. John Deardon
  18. Emile and Jane Deckert of Nature's Way Nursery in Maryland
  19. Mike Deeds of Iowa
  1. Brenda and John Demetriou of Ohio
  2. H. Deshane of Ohio
  3. Rik Desmedt of Georgia
  4. Jane and Bernie Diesen of Nebraska
  5. Debbie Dietrich of Illinois
  6. Jim Dishon of Michigan
  7. Sally Doggett of Ohio
  8. Thomas Donahue of Massachusetts
  9. Liu Donghuan of China
  10. George Donsky of New York
  11. Chuck Doughty of Cochato Nursery in Massachusetts
  12. Bill and W. Dove of Indiana
  13. Ronald Dow of Maine
  14. Glen Draper of Utah
  15. Jack Dreessen of Iowa
  16. Kath Dryden of England
  17. Robyn Duback of Washington
  18. Mary Jo Duncan of Minnesota
  19. Dirk Dupré of Belgium
  20. Kay Dye of Illinois

  1. Alan Eason of England
  2. Mervin Eisel of Minnesota
  3. Kevin and Olga Elchuk of Canada
  4. Paul Ellerbroek of Iowa
  5. Gavin Ellis
  6. Bob Ellison of Illinois
  7. Craig Ellyson of Ohio
  8. Dr. Ed Elslager of Michigan
  1. Karen Engel of Washington
  2. England
  3. Tim England of Illinois
  4. Larry Englerth of Michigan
  5. Harold Epstein of New York
  6. Marsha Axmear Erb of Iowa

  1. B.E.H. Fägerstrom of Finland
  2. Clarence Falstad, III of Michigan
  3. Serge Fafard of Les Jardins Osiris in Canada
  4. Ann Farmer of North Carolina
  5. Chuck Finke of Wisconsin
  6. Dr. Ullrich Fischer of Germany
  7. A. Fisher of England
  8. Eunice V. Fisher of Wisconsin
  9. Richard Flink of Missouri
  10. Karl Foerster of Germany
  11. Richard and Mary Ford of Park Green Nurseries in England
  12. Foreign Originators
  13. Eugene Foster of New York
  14. C. Foughty of Michigan
  1. Fox Hosta Farm of Indiana
  2. Leola Fraim of Brookwood Gardens in Massachusetts
  3. Carl Francis of New York
  4. Richard Franks of North Carolina
  5. Marco Fransen of Fransen Hostas in the Netherlands
  6. Marco and Joyce Fransen of Fransen Hostas in the Netherlands
  7. Ken Frederick of Minnesota
  8. Judy Freedman
  9. Franc and Sally Freeman of Iowa
  10. Jamie Freers
  11. Judi Frost of Ohio
  12. Dr Noboru Fujita of Japan
  13. Fukano of Japan

  1. Robert Gabarkeiwicz of Bea Ornamental Nursery in Poland
  2. Carel and Susan Gaede of Indiana
  3. Terry Gage of Michigan
  4. Gailbrath Gardens of Washington
  5. Richard Garbe of Wisconsin
  6. J. Gasparino of Connecticut
  7. Gardenview (Ross) of Ohio
  8. Jerry and Jeanie Geers of Dry Creek Hostas in Iowa
  9. Julia Geissler of Nebraska
  10. Arthur George of Hydon Nurseries in England
  11. Madelon Gilligan of New Zealand
  12. Tom Goad of Ohio
  13. John Goater of England
  14. Digs Godfrey-Smith of Canada
  15. James Goffery of New York
  1. T. Goodale of Canada
  2. Rick Goodenough of Massachusetts
  3. Jack Goodman of New Jersey
  4. Jonathon Goodrich of Wisconsin
  5. Randy Goodwin of Indiana
  6. Gary Gossett of Oregon
  7. Hideko Gowen of Minnesota
  8. Denis Grande of Minnesota
  9. Vivian Grapes of Nebraska
  10. Butch Graves of Ohio
  11. Gray & Cole Nursery of Massachusetts
  12. Green Mountain Hosta of Vermont
  13. Diana Grenfell of Applegate Court Garden & Nursery in England
  14. Mike Groothuis of Michigan
  15. Roger Grounds of England
  16. John J. Grullemann of Ohio
  17. C. Gussman of New Jersey

  1. Robert Hackbarth of The Hosta Leaf in Colesburg, Iowa
  2. Jerry Hadrava of Iowa
  3. Hagi of Japan
  4. Dennis Hale
  5. Peter Hall of England
  6. Steve Hamblin of Ohio
  7. Carolyn Hamilton of Iowa
  8. Roger Hammond of England
  9. Clarence Hanna of Ohio
  10. Hans Ejler Hansen of Hosta Danmark in Denmark
  11. Hans Hansen of Minnesota
  12. Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan
  13. Jan Hurup Hansen of Denmark
  14. Curt Hanson of Crintonic Gardens in Ohio
  15. HarkAway Botanicals of Canada
  16. Dennis Harle of Wisconsin
  17. Ken Harris of Illinois
  18. Robert Harris of Georgia
  19. Jamison Harrison of Massachusetts
  20. Gretchen Harshbarger of Iowa
  21. Carolyn Harstad of Indiana
  22. Jim Hartmann of Minnesota
  23. Janet Harvey of Wisconsin
  24. Allen Haskell of Massachusetts
  25. Allen Haskins of Canada
  26. Handy Hatfield of Ohio
  27. J. Hauser of Virginia
  28. Jim Hawes of Maryland
  29. Heather Hill Gardens in Virginia
  30. Gerardus Heemskerk of Heemskerk Vaste Planten in the Netherlands
  31. Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon
  32. Gene Heinemann of Iowa
  33. Gretchen Heinke of Ohio
  1. David Heinz of Michigan
  2. Jim Heinz of Iowa
  3. Walt Helmick of Illinois
  4. Calvin Helsley of Missouri
  5. Paul Henjum of Minnesota
  6. Karel Hensen of the Netherlands
  7. Robert Herman of Connecticut
  8. Pieter Hermens of the Netherlands
  9. Glenn Herold of Illinois
  10. Roy Herold of Massachusetts
  11. Don Herzog of California
  12. Tracy Heuermann of Illinois
  13. Gerry Hicks of Maine
  14. Hillier Nursery of England
  15. Hill's Nursery and Greenhouse of Georgia
  16. Dr. Shuichi Hirao of Japan
  17. Bob Hird of Iowa
  18. Yoshimichi Hirose of Japan
  19. Lisolette Hirsbrunner of Switzerland
  20. Paula Hiselman of Michigan
  21. Hisashi of Japan
  22. Mrs Elliot Hodgkin
  23. Paul and Linda Hofer of Antioch Farms in Ohio
  24. Cornelia Holland of Tennessee
  25. Gladys Holly of Wisconsin
  26. Homestead Seed Bank of Ohio
  27. Walt Hoover of Wisconsin
  28. Bill Horn of Illinois
  29. Lori Horn
  30. Rich and Kathy Hornbaker of Illinois
  31. Hortico Nursery of Canada
  32. Brent Horvath of Illinois
  33. Les and Steve Hottovy of Beyond Green LLC in Oregon
  34. House of Hostas in Wisconsin
  35. Jere Houseworth of Holiday Seeds in Georgia
  36. Dennis Hovekamp of Kentucky
  37. Roger Hunt of England
  38. Jim Husemann of Iowa
  39. Graham Hutchins of England
  40. Dr. Nils Hylander of Sweden

  1. Toyokazu Ichie of Japan
  2. Imperial Botanic Garden of Tokyo
  3. Indiannapolis Hosta Society
  1. Innis Metro Botanical Garden of Ohio
  2. Charles Isaacs of Moongate Farm in North Carolina
  3. Ron Iverson of Iverson's Perennials in Illinois

  1. Bill Janssen of Collector's Nursery in Washington
  2. Japan
  3. Dave Jennings of The Hosta Cottage at Woodfield Estates in New York
  4. Klaus Jentsch of Staudengärtnerei (Perennial Nursery) Jentsch in Germany
  5. Bettie Jernigan of Jernigan Gardens in North Carolina
  6. Eddie Johns of New Zealand
  7. Arthur Johnson of Minnesota
  8. Greg Johnson of Iowa
  1. Irwin Johnson of Wisconsin
  2. Robert Johnson of Massachusetts
  3. Ross Johnson of Minnesota
  4. Suzy Johnson of Minnesota
  5. C.L. Jones of Ohio
  6. Dr. Leonard Jones of North Carolina
  7. Dr. Lloyd (Gil) Jones of Michigan
  8. Dr Samuel Jones Jr of Piccadilly Farm Nursery and Gardens in Georgia
  9. Felix Jury of New Zealand

  1. Kajigawa of Japan
  2. Gayle Kamp of Indiana
  3. Steve Karbula
  4. Kiyoshi Kato of Japan
  5. Koshi Katsuya of Japan
  6. Reginald Kaye of Germany
  7. Phyllis Kedl of Minnesota
  8. Bob Keller of White Oak Nursery in Illinois
  9. Carl Kemm
  10. Jeff Kerr of Iowa
  11. Myrtle Kiehne of Minnesota
  12. Poll Kijanska of Poland
  13. Kim & Lee
  14. Roger Kinchen of New Hampshire
  15. Herb and Gladys King of Wisconsin
  16. Jim King of Washington
  17. Kingwood Center of Ohio
  18. Eric Kinman of Starks Nursery in Iowa
  19. Anita Kistler of Pennsylvania
  20. Mr. Kitahara of Japan
  21. Richard Kitchingman of England
  22. Pieter Klapwijk of Canada
  23. Roy Klehm of Illinois
  24. Klehm Nursery of Illinois
  25. Luc Klinkhammer of the Netherlands
  26. Ed Kipplen
  27. Minnie Klopping of Nebraska
  28. Heinz Klose of Germany
  1. Ruby Klotz of Dogtown Farms in Ohio
  2. Ann Knall of Indiana
  3. Ken Knechtel of Rainforest Gardens in Canada
  4. Brian Kniffin of Hostas on the Bluff in Missouri
  5. Uwe Knopnadel of Germany
  6. Rene Knoppert of the Netherlands
  7. Linda Kofstad of Minnesota
  8. Fritz Köhlein of Germany
  9. Mike Koller of Minnesota
  10. Tim Kordner of Minnesota
  11. L. Kósa of Sweden
  12. Kosasa of Japan
  13. Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan
  14. Barrie Kridler of Ohio
  15. Gus Krossa of Michigan
  16. George Kruer of Delaware
  17. Nancy Krul of Belle Gardens in Michigan
  18. Francis Kruse of Wisconsin
  19. Rod Kuenster of Iowa
  20. Bob Kuk of Kuk's Forest in Ohio
  21. John Kulpa of Michigan
  22. Toshikuni Kumagae of Japan
  23. T. Kurasawa of Japan
  24. Kuroishi Wildflower Farm of Japan
  25. Charles Kwick of Wisconsin

  1. Wm and Eleanor Lachman of Massachusetts
  2. Philip Laible of North Carolina
  3. Michael Laico of South Carolina
  4. Irene Lalonde of Washington
  5. Johann Lambrichts of Germany
  6. Robert Lamlein of Ohio
  7. Lamrock's Country Garden of Canada
  8. Henry Landis of Canada
  9. Olive Bailey Langdon of Alabama
  10. Richard Langfelder of Ohio
  11. Clarence Lantis of Delaware
  12. Kim Larsen of Minnesota
  13. Robert Lasek of Canada
  14. Marc Laviana of Connecticut
  15. Wyatt Lefever of North Carolina
  16. Dick Lehman
  17. Paula Lehtola of Massachusetts
  18. Les Jardins Osiris in Quebec, Canada
  19. Leuckx
  1. Max and Melissa Levy of Delaware
  2. Alan Lewis of England
  3. C. Lewis of Ohio
  4. Theo Leydens of the Netherlands
  5. Richard Lighty of Pennsylvania
  6. Jan Liley of New Zealand
  7. Jeroen Linneman of the Netherlands
  8. Martin Linnenschmidt of Germany
  9. Philip Lisik of Michigan
  10. Donghuan Liu of Beijing, China
  11. Ron Livingston of Michigan
  12. Doug Lohman of Illinois
  13. Martin Lokies of Germany
  14. Longwood Gardens of Pennsylvania
  15. Ernest Lunsford, Jr. of Georgia
  16. Ran Lydell of Cooks Nursery and Eagle Bay Gardens in New York
  17. Patrick Lydon of Illinois
  18. P. Lynch of Maryland
  19. Rod Lysne of Northern Grown Perennials in Wisconsin

  1. John Machen of Virginia
  2. Carl Mack of Illinois
  3. Dr. Fumio Maekawa of Japan
  4. Mark Malaguerra of Georgia
  5. Alex Malloy of New York
  6. Tony Malloy of New York
  7. John Mann Jr of New Hampshire
  8. Eric Marcelle of The Plantscapers in Wisconsin
  9. Sandie Markland of North Carolina
  10. Andy Marlow of Michigan
  11. Lillian Maroushek of Minnesota
  12. Bud Martin of Georgia
  13. Maurice Mason of England
  14. N. Matsubayashi of Japan
  15. Julian Matthews of New Zealand
  16. Sheila Matthews of Missouri
  17. Arne Maynard of England
  18. Graham and Betty McBurnie of England
  19. Jim McBurney of Iowa
  20. Harold McDonnell of Georgia
  21. Molly McElwee of New York
  22. Robb McWilliams of Minnesota
  23. Ed McHugh of New Jersey
  24. Stan Megos of Connecticut
  25. O. Meissner of Ohio
  26. Richard Merritt of New Hampshire Hostas in New Hampshire
  27. Mary Ann Metz of Illinois
  28. C.D. Metzger of Virginia
  29. Bill Meyer of New Jersey
  30. Roxanne Meyer of Iowa
  31. Terry Meyer of Wisconsin
  32. Dr. Miazawa of Japan
  33. Tom Micheletti of the Hosta Patch in Illinois
  34. Marc Milbradt of Minnesota
  35. Hank and Jane Milhorn of Ohio
  36. Dorothy Miller of Indiana
  1. Jeff Miller of Land of the Giants Hosta Farm in Wisconsin
  2. Terry Miller of Wisconsin
  3. Roy and Yvonne Milton of Mickfield Hostas in Suffolk, England
  4. Eldren and Nancy Minks of Fairway Enterprises in Minnesota
  5. J. Mitchell of Vermont
  6. Vladimir Mirka of the Czech Republic
  7. Missouri Botanical Gardens
  8. Bill Mitchell of Pennsylvania
  9. Steve Moldovan of Moldovan Gardens in Ohio
  10. Molter Nurseries of the Netherlands
  11. Manfred Mondt of Ohio
  12. John Montgomery of Ambrosia Gardens (formerly Monashee Perennials) in Canada
  13. Montreal Botanical Gardens
  14. Betty Moore of Georgia
  15. Ernest Moore of Georgia
  16. Jeff Moore of Wisconsin
  17. T. Moore
  18. Pat Mora of Missouri
  19. Julie Morss of England
  20. Barbara Morzajew of Wisconsin
  21. Rob Mortko of Made in the Shades Gardens in Kansas
  22. Arthur Mraz of Maine
  23. Joy Mullin of Iowa
  24. Mark Mulzer of Wisconsin
  25. Jim Munson of Michigan
  26. Munton's Microplants in England
  27. Kimio Muroya of Japan
  28. Jerry Murray of New York
  29. Don Musak of Illinois
  30. Hermann Mȕssel of Germany
  31. Roxanne Myer of Iowa
  32. Gary Myers of Wisconsin

  1. Toyozo Nakayama of Japan
  2. Bill Nash of Canada
  3. Naylor Creek Nursery of Washington
  4. NEO Plants Ltd of England
  5. Elizabeth Nesmith of Fairmount Gardens in Massachusetts
  6. Netherlands
  1. Mrs O'Rourke Nieman
  2. N. Nelson of Michigan
  3. Coletta Noffsinger of Virginia
  4. Niche Gardens of North Carolina
  5. Bill Nixon of Massachusetts
  6. Frank Nyikos of Walnut Grove Nursery in Indiana

  1. John O'Brien of O’Brien Nurserymen in Connecticut
  2. Donald O'Donnell Sr. of Minnesota
  3. Russ O'Harra of Iowa
  4. Russ O'Harra Hosta Society of Iowa
  5. Dr. Bob Olson of Minnesota
  6. Maggie Olson of Minnesota
  7. Tom Olson of Minnesota
  8. Onoda of Japan
  1. Ontario Hosta Society
  2. Oofuna Botanical Garden of Japan
  3. John Orlando of New York
  4. Vera Osbourne of England
  5. Piet Oudolf of the Netherlands
  6. Martin Overhiser of Michigan
  7. Clarence Owens of Michigan
  8. William and Jean Owens of Illinois

  1. Lady Anne Palmer of England
  2. Olive Pauley of Indiana
  3. Henry Payne of Connecticut
  4. David Parks of Massachusetts
  5. Phil Parsons of Ohio
  6. Russ Parsons of Delaware
  7. Sandra Pedrick of Indiana
  8. P. Peterzen of Minnesota
  9. Glen Pether of England
  10. Olga Petryszyn of Indiana
  11. Hugo Philips of Belgium
  12. L. Phillips of Massachusetts
  13. Robert Pierson of Illinois
  14. Jeff Pinder of Hutton Hostas in England
  15. Michael Pinterics of Wisconsin
  16. Maria Plater-Zyberk of Delaware
  1. Chuck Plemmons of North Carolina
  2. Neal Pohlman of Nebraska
  3. Ali Pollock of Delaware
  4. Warren Pollock
  5. Irene Pope of Indiana
  6. Linda Port of Illinois
  7. Peter Postlewaite of Illinois
  8. Loleta Powell of Powell's Gardens in North Carolina
  9. Mary Pratt of Illinois
  10. Richard Prochaska of Minnesota
  11. Punnett
  12. Dr. Charles Purtymun of Walden West in Oregon
  13. Owen and Sue Purvis of Elim Hosta Gardens in Wisconsin


  1. Franz Radzicki of Germany
  2. Gerhard and Renate Ragus of Germany
  3. L. Rahe of Minnesota
  4. Reldon Ramsey of Iowa
  5. Stefan Rank of Germany
  6. Rassmann
  7. George Rassmussen of New York
  8. Don Rawson of Michigan
  9. Graham Ray of North Carolina
  10. Dr. David Reath of Michigan
  11. W. Reinermann of the Netherlands
  12. Mary Kay Remschneider of Indiana
  13. Laurence Reuter of New Zealand
  14. Patty Richter of Minnesota
  15. Dennis Ricketts of Avalon Acres Hostas & More in Illinois
  16. Frank Riehl of Iowa
  17. Kathy Ripperger of Iowa
  18. Allen Ritchey of Wisconsin
  19. M. Roberts of England
  1. Rocknell Nursery of Ohio
  2. Floyd Rogers of Illinois
  3. Andi Roozekrans of the Washington
  4. Marlene Rosenberg of Unique Hostas in Wisconsin
  5. Henry Ross of Gardenview Horticultural Park in Ohio
  6. Richard Rossing of Minnesota
  7. Dave Rosso
  8. Brian Roston
  9. Denis Rouillier of Design-Scapes in Massachusetts
  10. Thelma Rudolph of Illinois
  11. Bonnie Ruetenik of Ohio
  12. Doug Ruff of Minnesota
  13. Doug and Marilyn Ruff of Ohio
  14. Peter Ruh of Ohio
  15. Peter and Jean Ruh of Ohio
  16. Tim Ruh of Ohio
  17. Dave Russo

  1. Sakata of Japan
  2. Masaru Sakurai of Japan
  3. Nancy Salamon of Ohio
  4. Bob Sanders of Michigan
  5. Matt Sanford of Connecticut
  6. Vic Santa Lucia of North Carolina
  7. B. Saur of Ohio
  8. Criste Sauve of Michigan
  9. Timothy Savill of England
  10. Dennis Savory of Savory's Gardens in Minnesota
  11. Robert Savory of Savory's Gardens in Minnesota
  12. Rick Sawyer of Fernwood Nursery and Gardens in Maine
  13. Robert Schaeffer of Delaware
  14. Alttara Scheer of Connecticut
  15. Michael Schembs of Kansas
  16. George Schenk of Ohio
  17. Walter Schimana of Germany
  18. Bevie Schmidt of Michigan
  19. Jon Schmidt of New York
  20. Tom Schmid of Schmid Nursery in Michigan
  21. W. George Schmid of Georgia
  22. Jon Schmidt of New York
  23. Johannes Scholz of Germany
  24. Bob & Barb Schroeder of Illinois
  25. Cathy Schuchert of Iowa
  26. Dave & Don Schulte of Minnesota
  27. Steve Schulte of Foxfire Gardens in Wisconsin
  28. Ed Schulz of Iowa
  29. Jim Schwarz of Jim's Hostas of Iowa (now owned by Uniquely Hostas of Wisconsin)
  30. Jim and Karen Schwarz of Jim's Hostas of Iowa (now owned by Uniquely Hostas of Wisconsin)
  31. Patricia Scolnik of Breeze Hill Plant Lab in North Carolina
  32. Barbara Scott of Indiana
  33. Bob Scott of Oklahoma
  34. Ian Scroggy of Bali Hai Nursery in Northern Ireland
  35. Charles Seaver of Delaware
  36. Mildred Seaver of Massachusetts
  37. Sebright Gardens of Oregon
  38. Van Sellers of North Carolina
  39. Seneca Hill Perennials of New York
  40. Viktoria Serafin of Glenbrook Farm in New York
  41. Shades of Green in Minnesota
  42. Kathy Guest Shadrack of New York
  43. Mike Shadrack of New York
  44. Shady Characters Nursery of South Carolina
  45. Shady Oaks Nursery of Minnesota
  46. Terry Shane
  47. Florence Shaw of Massachusetts
  48. Toshirou Shimizu of Japan
  49. Marianna Shkundina of New Jersey
  50. Janet Shugart of Nebraska
  51. Bill Silvers of Silvers-Elbert Nursery in Georgia
  1. Naomi Simes of Minnesota
  2. Ron Simmering of Iowa
  3. Lucille Simpers of Indiana
  4. Mary Singer of Michigan
  5. Kathie Sisson of Connecticut
  6. Virginia and Brian Skaggs of Indiana
  7. Ed Skrocki of Ohio
  8. Skylands Nursery in New Jersey
  9. Barry Sligh of Taunton Gardens in New Zealand
  10. Don Smetna of Washington
  11. Eric Smith of England
  12. Fred Smith of Illinois
  13. George Smith of England
  14. Roger Smith of Pennsylvania
  15. Scott Smith of Georgia
  16. Rob Sneyers of The Hosta Mill in Belgium
  17. Ron Snyder of Minnesota
  18. Aneta Sobkowska-Dopieraia of Poland
  19. Bob Solberg of Green Hills Farms in North Carolina
  20. Jim Soper of Kansas
  21. Rachel Soucek of Ohio
  22. Clarence Soules of Indiana
  23. Marge Soules of Indiana
  24. Unnamed from South Africa
  25. Jim Spence of Canada
  26. Jim Spencer of Canada
  27. Judy Springer of Virginia
  28. Jan Spruyt of the Netherlands
  29. Eleanor (Ellie) Brinckherhoff Spingarn of New York
  30. Keith Squires of Canada
  31. St. Louis Hosta Society
  32. Josh Stadden of Ohio
  33. Dean Stark of Iowa
  34. Gunther Stark of Stark Gardens in Iowa
  35. Carl Starker of Ohio
  36. Bev and Dave Stegeman of Indiana
  37. Ray Stephens of Georgia
  38. Don Stevens
  39. Ralph Stever of Nebraska
  40. Gary Stoddard of Ohio
  41. David Stone of Connecticut
  42. Mark Strandberg of Wisconsin
  43. Netta Stratham of England
  44. John and Elizabeth Stratton of Iowa
  45. Dick & Louise Strub of Iowa
  46. Bill Struhar of Michigan
  47. Patsy Stygall of Indiana
  48. Natalee Suggs of Alabama
  49. Sugita and Ruh
  50. Hajime Sugita of Japan
  51. Marcia Sully of New York
  52. Alex Summers of Delaware
  53. Sunny Border Nursery  of Connecticut
  54. Kichigoro Suzuki of Japan
  55. Ursula Syre-Herz of Coastal Gardens in South Carolina
  56. Peter Szustakiewicz of Poland

  1. Takashima of Japan
  2. Nagaori Takayanagi of Japan
  3. Katsuyoshi Tanaka of Japan
  4. J.C. Taylor
  5. Richard Taylor of Indiana
  6. D. Teague of Pennsylvania
  7. Arli Temple of Missouri
  8. Nick Ternes of Wisconsin
  9. Kent Terpening of New York
  10. Richard Teslow
  11. Ed Thaubald of Bentley Gardens in Georgia
  12. Bryan Thomas of England
  13. Rick and Criss Thompson of CR Hosta and Daylilies in Virginia
  14. Steve Thompson of Indiana
  1. Barbara Tiffany of Pennsylvania
  2. Phil Timm of Wisconsin
  3. Roland Tisch of Michigan
  4. Cindy Tomashek of Minnesota
  5. Chet Tompkins of Oregon
  6. Andy Torvinen of Michigan
  7. Alan Tower of Washington
  8. Burton Trafton Jr of New Hampshire
  9. Kurt Tramposch of Iowa
  10. Bernie Treichel of Wisconsin
  11. Gary Trucks of Indiana
  12. Jeff Tucker of North Carolina
  13. Jeffrey Tucker of Massachusetts
  14. Charles Tuttle of Ohio
  15. Dick & Judith Tyler of Virginia
  16. Stan Tylinski of New York

  1. Senkichi Umezawa from Japan

  1. Caryl Vaillancourt of Canada
  2. Jan van den Top of the Netherlands
  3. Gino Vandekinderen of the Netherlands
  4. Ignace Van Doorsiaer of the Netherlands
  5. Danny Van Eechaute of Belgium
  6. Gert Van Eijk Bos of the Netherlands
  7. Van Elderen of the Netherlands
  8. Dirk van Erven of the Netherlands
  9. James Van Hoorn of Illinois
  10. Ronny Van Keer of the Netherlands
  11. John Van Ostrand of Illinois
  12. Arie Van Vliet of De Heren C. Klijn en Co in the Netherlands
  1. Trudy Van Wyke of Iowa
  2. M. Vasey of Ohio
  3. Dr. Kevin Vaughn of Massachusetts
  4. William Vaughn of Illinois
  5. John Verkade of New Jersey
  6. Mary Vertz of Wisconsin
  7. Andre Viette of Virginia
  8. Rachael Vincun of Canada
  9. Pat Vinish of Canada
  10. Cees Visser of the Netherlands
  11. Louis Vissors of Belgium
  12. Vitro Westland Nursery of the Netherlands
  13. Vogel

  1. Shirley Wade of Ohio
  2. Van Wade of Wade and Gatton Nursery of Ohio
  3. Steve & Anna Wafler of Minnesota
  4. Wally Wagner of Oregon
  5. Dr. Charles Purtymun and J. Hyslop of Walden West Nursery in Oregon of Oregon
  6. Kevin Walek of Virginia
  7. Wallace
  8. Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan
  9. Dr. Dick and Jane Ward of Ohio
  10. Piet Warmerdam of the Netherlands
  11. Hilda Wassmann of Ohio
  12. Chick Wasitis of Bridgewood Gardens from Virginia
  13. Kazuyuki Watanabe of Japan
  14. Kenji Watanabe of Gotemba Nursery in Japan
  15. Yoshifumi Watanabe of Japan
  16. Steve Watson of Lily's Garden in Tennessee **
  17. Wayside Gardens of Ohio
  18. B. Webster of Wisconsin
  19. Jim Weidman of Minnesota
  20. Ray Weigand of Weigand's Nursery in Michigan
  21. Jon Weirether of Pennsylvania
  22. Henry Weissenberger of New York
  23. Colin West of England
  24. Jim Westberg of Minnesota
  25. Brian White of Brian White's Nursery in Tennessee
  1. D. White of Illinois
  2. Jeff White of Iowa
  3. Peter White of Ohio
  4. Milt Whitmer of Ohio
  5. Bob Whitmore of Indiana
  6. Michael Wickenden of England
  7. Dr. Jim Wilkins of Michigan
  8. Dr. Jim and Jill Wilkins of Michigan
  9. Russ Willar of Canada
  10. Lance Willett of Iowa
  11. Jesse Willetts of Ohio
  12. Michael Willetts
  13. Andrew Williams of New Hampshire
  14. Frances Williams of Massachusetts
  15. Gerald Williams of Minnesota
  16. Glenn Williams of Vermont
  17. Ron Williams of House of Hostas in Wisconsin
  18. Audra Wilson of Iowa
  19. Chris Wilson of Hallson Gardens in Michigan
  20. Glenn Wilson of Canada
  21. R. Wittebol of Belgium
  22. Witteman of the Netherlands
  23. Gene Wogoman of Ohio
  24. A. Wolfe of Iowa
  25. Dan Wols of Illinois
  26. R. Woodford of Michigan
  27. Fleeta B. Woodroffe of Iowa
  28. Doyle Woods of Iowa
  29. J. Worels of Minnesota
  30. Arthur Wrede of Maryland

  1. Suzzane Xavier-Sakr of Massachusetts

  1. Yamamoto of Japan
  2. Barry Yinger of Asiatica Nursery in Pennsylvania
  3. Yoke of Japan

  1. Herbert A. Zager of Iowa
  2. Zelenka Nursery of Michigan
  3. Ken Ziarek of Wisconsin
  4. Wayne and Rita Zidonis of Ohio
  5. Mark Zilis of T&Z or Q&Z Nursery in Illinois
  1. Steve and Sarah Zolock of Pennsylvania
  2. Dr. Ben Zonneveld of the Netherlands
  3. Milan and Dana Zubrik of the Slovak Republic
  4. Hank Zumach of Wisconsin
  5. Wm Zumbar of Ohio

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