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No.Cultivar NameHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Early to Rise'(DUPLICATE/INCORRECT.NAME) 'First Up' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Early Riser'
2 'Edge of Might'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dorothy Benedict', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) Edge of Night'
3 'Edge of Night'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Green Gold', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Edge of Might
4 'Edged Starburst'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', Hosta sieboldii, 'Starburst' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Starburst' ++(STABLE.FORM.of) 'Starburst'
5 'Edward Wargo'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Hadspen Blue', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Edward Ward'
6 'Egypt Me'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Egypt Me Too'
7 'Egypt Me Too'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Egypt Me'
8 'Eldorado'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'El Dorado' ++(TYPE) 'Frances Williams'
9 'Elisabeth'(DUPLICATE/INCORRECT.NAME) Hosta longissima brevifolia ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Elizabeth'
10 'Elizabeth'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Elisabeth' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Chartreuse Wiggles'
11 'Emerald Green'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Opipara' ++ (SIMILAR.NAME) 'Emerald Green Metallic'
12 'Emerald Green Metallic'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Emerald Green'
13 'Eos' (Malloy)(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moonlight' ++(SAME.NAME) 'Eos' (Fischer)

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