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No.Cultivar NameHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Janet Green'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Janet's Green Sox'
2 'Janet's Gold Sox'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Fortunei', 'Janet' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Janet's Green Sox' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Richland Gold'
3 'Janet's Green Sox'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Fortunei', 'Janet' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Janet Green', 'Janet's Gold Sox'
4 'Japanboy'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Japangirl'
5 'Japangirl'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta venusta ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Japanboy' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Tiny Tears'
6 'Jay'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Jay Jay'
7 'Jay Jay'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Sieboldiana' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Jay'
8 'Jazzy Jane'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', 'Breeder's Choice', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', 'Jane Ward', 'Pin Stripe Sister', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Lakeside Jazzy Jane'
9 'Jennifer'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Jennifu'
10 'Jennifu'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Jennifer'
11 'Jim Dandy'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Abiqua Jim Dandy'
12 'John Adams'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'John Q. Adams' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)
13 'John Elsley'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Elsley', 'Elsley Runner'
14 'John Henry'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Formal Attire', 'Frances Williams', 'Ginko Craig', 'Sieboldiana' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'John Henry's Shadow'
15 'John Henry's Shadow'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Blue Shadows', 'Elegans', 'John Henry', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'John Henry'
16 'John Q. Adams'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Bengee', Hosta nigrescens, 'Sum and Substance', 'Tokudama', 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'John Adams'
17 'Julie Marie'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Marie Julie'
18 'June Gold'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Halcyon', 'June', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'June's Gold' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Early Times', 'Endless Summer', 'English Sunrise', 'June's Gold', 'May', 'Terry Wogan'
19 'Jungle Age Trail'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Ice Age Trail'
20 'Just Go'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Just So'

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