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No.Cultivar NameHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Maggie's Angel'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Margie's Angel'
2 'Magic Fire Golden'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Magic Fire', 'Golden Magic Fire' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)
3 'Maraschino Cherry'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', 'Cherry Berry', 'Elegans', 'Flamboyant', 'Frances Williams', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Leather Sheen', 'Sparkling Burgundy' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Maraschino Cherry Twist'
4 'Maraschino Cherry Twist'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', 'Cherry Berry', 'Elegans', 'Flamboyant', 'Frances Williams', 'Maraschino Cherry', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Maraschino Cherry'
5 'Marble Head'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Marblehead' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)
6 'Margot's Delight'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'OHS Margot's Delight' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)
7 'Matilda'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Tokudama', 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa', 'Tokudama Flavocircinalis', 'Wahoo' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Matilda Jean'
8 'Matilda Jean'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Matilda'
9 'Megalodon'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Giantland Megalodon'
10 'Memphis Blue'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta fluctuans, 'Sagae', 'Tokudama', 'Tokudama Aureonebulosa' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Memphis Blues'
11 'Merangue'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Lemon Meringue' (Ruh)
12 'Merci Beaucoup'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Kabitan', 'PeeDee Gold Flash', Hosta sieboldii ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Thank You' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Tenryu'
13 'Mini Silver Edge'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta sieboldii ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Silver Edge'
14 'Miss Moonbeam'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Undulata' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mostly Ghostly', 'Outhouse Delight', 'White Feather', 'White Trouble', 'White Wall Tire' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Moonbeam', 'Blue Moonbeams', 'Abiqua Moonbeam'
15 'Mister Blue'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mr Blue' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)
16 'Mister Green Genes'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Beatrice', 'Elegans', 'Fickle Blue Genes', 'Frances Williams', Hosta hypoleuca, 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii, 'William Lachman' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mister Green Jeans', 'Mister Red Genes'
17 'Mister Green Jeans'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mister Green Genes'
18 'Mister Red Genes'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Miss Susie' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mister Green Genes'
19 'Mohican Forest'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'American Mohican Forest' - (INFO.SOURCE: The Hostapedia)
20 'Mona Lisa'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'MonLisa'
21 'Moon Dance' (Dean)(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Decorata, 'First Impressions', 'Gig Harbor', 'Goddess of Athena' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moondance' ++(SAME.NAME) 'Moon Dance' (Janssen)
22 'Moon Dance' (Janssen)(SAME.NAME) 'Moon Dance' (Dean) ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moondance'
23 'Moon Spilt'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'August Moon', 'Abiqua Moonbeam', 'Velvet Moon' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moon Split', 'Spilt Moon'
24 'Moon Split'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'August Moon', 'Abiqua Moonbeam', 'Velvet Moon' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moon Spilt', 'Spilt Moon'
25 'Moonbeam'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'August Moon' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Miss Moonbeam', 'Blue Moonbeams', 'Abiqua Moonbeam'
26 'Moondance'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Moon Dance' (Don Dean), 'Moon Dance' (Janssen)
27 'Moongate Flying Saucer'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Aden No. 359', 'Blue Blazes', 'Blue Boy', 'Blue Cadet', 'Elegans', 'Frances Williams', Hosta nakaiana, 'Polly Bishop', 'Serendipity', 'Sieboldiana', 'Tokudama' ++( 'Moongate Little Dipper' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Colesburg Blue', 'Serendipity' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Flying Saucer', 'Holar Flying Saucer'
28 'Moonlight'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Fortunei', 'Fortunei Hyacinthina', 'Gold Standard' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Claire de Lune' ++(TYPE) 'Fortunei' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Academy Fire', 'Fire Opal', 'Moon Glow', 'Partiot's Fire', 'Richland Gold's Moonlight', 'White Lightning'
29 'Moonlight Child'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Richland Gold's Moonlight's Child' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
30 'Mr Green Genes'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mr Green Jeans'
31 'Mr Green Jeans'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Loyalist', 'Patriot', 'Fireworks' (Walters), 'Francee' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Mr Green Genes' - (INFO.SOURCE: MyHosta Database)
32 'Myles Standish'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Miles Standish'

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