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No.Cultivar NameHostas with Similar Sounding Names
1 'Pablo Picasso'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Clear Fork River Valley', 'Fortunei', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Robust Giant' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Picasso'
2 'Painter's Palette'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Artist's Palette', 'Border Palette'
3 'Palatina Fragrant Gold Bouquet'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Fragrant Gold', 'Fragrant Bouquet'
4 'Palatina Full Monty'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Kiwi Full Monty'
5 'Palm Sunday'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Foxfire Palm Sunday'
6 'Pandemonium'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta rupifraga ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pandymonium' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Sparkle'
7 'Pandymonium'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big John', 'Mira', 'Sieboldiana' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pandemonium'
8 'Patent Leather'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Patent Leather Lemon'
9 'Patent Leather Lemon'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Patent Leather'
10 'Pe King'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Peking'
11 'Peking'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta ventricosa, Hosta ventricosa 'Aureomaculata' (Possibly) ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pe King' ++(SIMILAR.HOSTAS) 'Heartache', 'Holly's Gold'
12 'Peppermint Sticks'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Lakeside Peppermint Sticks'
13 'Peppermint Twist'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Allegan Peppermint Twist'
14 'Phantastic'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Fantastic'
15 'Pharoah's Gold'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'American Pharoah'
16 'Picasso'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Halcyon', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pablo Picasso'
17 'Pinotte'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Peanut'
18 'Plain Jane in an A-Line Skirt'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) Hosta montana, Hosta montana 'Aureomarginata' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Plain Jane in a Frilly Skirt'
19 'Play Thing'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Plaything'
20 'Plaything'(TYPE) 'Sieboldiana' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Play Thing'
21 'Pot of Gold'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Ginko Craig', 'Obsession', 'Rainbow's End', 'Sparkling Burgundy' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pot O'Gold'
22 'Pot O'Gold'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Pot of Gold'
23 'Potter's Hands'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Potter's Hands Baby' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
24 'Potter's Hands Baby'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Potter's Hands' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Lists)
25 'Precious'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Crazy Quilt' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Precious Metal', 'My Precious'
26 'Precious Metal'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Lakeside Down Sized', 'Lakeside Knickkack', Hosta gracillima, 'Hydon Sunset', 'Wogon Gold' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Precious', 'My Precious'
27 'Purple Flash'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Purple Flush'
28 'Purple Flush'(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Elegans', 'Gold Regal', 'Halcyon', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Sieboldiana', Tardiflora' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Purple Flash'
29 'Purple Scape'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Purple Scapes'
30 'Purple Scapes'(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Purple Scape' - (INFO.SOURCE: Hosta Library)

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