New hostas come about as the result of asexual changes in the genetics of a plant called sports or through sexual reproduction (seeds) involving human manipulation (hyrbridizing) or through random action of bees in the garden. Either way, the resulting plants share the DNA and physical traits of the parent plants which can be of interest to Hostaphiles. These plants are the ancestors or "Background" hostas for each cultivar.

Listed on these 2021 index pages are the over 13,700 hosta names in the Hosta Helper Database. For each of the names, we have tried to gather information on 10 categories related to a particular cultivar or species. These include its use as a pod parent, pollen parent or sport parent. The genetic background of the plant is included where known. Plants that are considered the "Same As" or are similar looking or which have similar sounding names have been added. Siblings which came from the same hybridizing cross or from a single batch of tissue culture sports are noted.

Also included may be certain "type" plants. For instance, many hostas are said to be Tardiana-like or a H. 'Sieboldiana' -type although their precise genetic background is not known.

Indicates cultivars or species which acted as Pod Parent, Pollen Parent, Sport Parent or are in the Genetic Background of 1 or more progeny. Most include extra pages which divide the large data sets into smaller, more easily analyzed listings. - View list of ALL parent hostas only.


This list includes hostas in our database and may not include ALL hostas that might fit this category.

  1. 'Yaburitsugi'
  2. 'Yae', H. montana
  3. 'Yae', H. plantaginea
  4. 'Yae no Maruba Tama-no-Kanzaski'
  5. 'Yae-no-oba'
  6. 'Yakushima'
  7. 'Yakushima Mizu'
  8. 'Yakushima Otome'
  9. 'Yan Zan'
  10. 'Yang'
  11. 'Yankee Blue'
  12. 'Yankee Blue Lightning'
  13. 'Yankee Clipper'
  14. 'Yankee Doodle' (Goodwin)
  15. 'Yankee Doodle' (Malloy)
  16. 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'
  17. 'Yankee Peddler'
  18. 'Yap Yum'
  19. 'Yarburitsugi'
  20. 'Yarden Blue Surfer Boy'
  21. 'Yarden Yellow Snow'
  22. 'Yashie'
  23. 'Yea'
  24. 'Yeet Nine'
  25. 'Yella Bellie'
  26. 'Yellow Band'
  27. 'Yellow Belly'
  28. 'Yellow Bird'
  29. 'Yellow Blade'
  30. 'Yellow Boa'
  31. 'Yellow Bonkers'
  32. 'Yellow Boy'
  33. 'Yellow Brick Road' (Goodwin)
  34. 'Yellow Brick Road' (Tompkins)
  35. 'Yellow Comet'
  36. 'Yellow Corduroys'
  37. 'Yellow Dog'
  38. 'Yellow Dream'
  39. 'Yellow Duckling'
  40. 'Yellow Edge'
  41. 'Yellow Emperor'
  42. 'Yellow Emperor Han Wu Di'
  1. 'Yellow Emperor Standard'
  2. 'Yellow Eyes'
  3. 'Yellow Fever'
  4. 'Yellow Flame'
  5. 'Yellow Flash'
  6. 'Yellow Girl'
  7. 'Yellow Heron'
  8. 'Yellow High'
  9. 'Yellow Highness'
  10. 'Yellow Imperial Banner'
  11. 'Yellow in October'
  12. 'Yellow Jacket'
  13. 'Yellow Kid'
  14. 'Yellow King'
  15. 'Yellow Ledbetter'
  16. 'Yellow Lollipop'
  17. 'Yellow Moon Rising'
  18. 'Yellow Needle'
  19. 'Yellow Piecrust'
  20. 'Yellow Plum'
  21. 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'
  22. 'Yellow Prize'
  23. 'Yellow Ribbons'
  24. 'Yellow River'
  25. 'Yellow Ruffles'
  26. 'Yellow Silk'
  27. 'Yellow Smiles'
  28. 'Yellow Snow'
  29. 'Yellow Splash'
  30. 'Yellow Splash Edge'
  31. 'Yellow Splashed Edge'
  32. 'Yellow Splash Rim'
  33. 'Yellow Spot'
  34. 'Yellow Spring'
  35. 'Yellow Strike'
  36. 'Yellow Submarine'
  37. 'Yellow Surprise'
  38. 'Yellow Swoosh'
  39. 'Yellow Tears'
  40. 'Yellow Tiara'
  41. 'Yellow Urchin'
  42. 'Yellow Waves'
  1. 'Yellow Wedgwood'
  2. 'Yellow Yeti'
  3. 'Yellowbeard'
  4. 'Yellowtail'
  5. 'Yes, Sir!'
  6. 'Yesterday's Corn'
  7. 'Yesterday's Memories'
  8. 'Yikes! More Stripes'
  9. 'Yikes! Stripes'
  10. 'Yin'
  11. H. yingeri
  12. 'Yippee'
  13. 'Yo Yo'
  14. 'Yo Yo Ma'
  15. 'Yojimbo'
  16. 'Yorick'
  17. 'Yosemite Valley'
  18. 'Yoshi'
  19. 'Yoshie'
  20. 'Yoshi-no-midori'
  21. 'Yoshinogawa'
  22. 'You and Me'
  23. 'You Are My Sunshine'
  24. 'You Can Call Me Al'
  25. 'You Lie'
  26. 'You Light Up My Life'
  27. 'You Who'
  28. 'You're So Vein'
  29. 'You're Welcome'
  30. 'Yours Truly'
  31. 'Yu Lei'
  32. 'Yu-san'
  33. 'Yucca Ducka Do'
  34. 'Yuki-no-jou'
  35. 'Yuki Zasa'
  36. 'Yukon Gold'
  37. 'Yukon River'
  38. 'Yuma' (Livingston)
  39. 'Yuma' (Wade)
  40. 'Yumedono Iwa'
  41. 'Yuuyakee'

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