Certain species and existing cultivars have each been the source of several new cultivars of hostas. These new plants came about as the result of sports or hybridizing by people or bees. This includes hostas used as seed (mother) parents or pollen (father) parent. We have also listed plants that are noted as being "like" another hosta. For instance, many hostas are said to be Tardiana-like or H. 'Sieboldiana'-like although their precise genetic background is not known.

Note: This list includes hostas in our database and does not include all hostas that might fit this category.

  1. 'Ibaraki-K'
  2. H. ibukiensis
  3. 'Ice Palace'
  4. 'Ichi-ban'
  5. 'Immense'
  6. 'Incredible Hulk'
  7. 'Independence Day'
  1. 'Indiana Knight'
  2. 'Indigo'
  3. 'Inniswood'
  4. 'Inspire Greatness'
  5. 'Intrigue'
  6. 'Invincible'
  7. 'Iron Gate Glamour'
  1. 'Iron Gate Supreme'
  2. 'Island Charm'
  3. 'Itty Bitty'
  4. 'Ivory Necklace'
  5. 'Iwa'
  6. 'Izumi'



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