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No.CultivarType of OriginPod or Sport Parentx Pollen ParentSource- - Hostas in the Genetic Background - -
1 'Artisan Grand Illusion'Hybrid'Pablo Picasso'UnknownSmith, S.D.(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Clear Fork River Valley', 'Big Daddy', 'Elegans', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Pablo Picasso', 'Puckered Giant', 'Robusta', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii, 'Woodland Blue'
2 'Bohemia Ice Age Orphan'Hybrid'Ice Age Trail''Kiwi Blue Baby'Mirka, Vladimir(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Elegans', 'Fortunei', 'Halcyon', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Kiwi Blue Baby', Hosta longipes, Hosta longipes lancea, 'Robust Giant', 'Sieboldiana', 'Tardiflora'
3 'Enter the Dragon'Hybrid'Ice Age Trail''Komodo Dragon'Wols, Dan(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Donahue Piecrust', 'Fortunei', 'Fortunei Gigantea', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Komodo Dragon', Hosta montana, 'Robust Giant'
4 'Ice Queen'Hybrid'Dream Queen''Ice Age Trail'Kwick, Charles(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Dream Queen', 'Elegans', 'Fortunei', 'Great Expectations', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Robust Giant', 'Sieboldiana'
5 'Ninkasi'Sport'Ice Queen' -Kwick, Charles(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Dream Queen', 'Elegans', 'Great Expectations', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Ice Queen', 'Robusta', 'Sieboldiana'
6 'Pablo Picasso'Hybrid'Ice Age Trail''Clear Fork River Valley'Wols, Dan(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Clear Fork River Valley', 'Fortunei', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Robust Giant' ++(SIMILAR.NAME) 'Picasso'
7 'Papa'Sport'Ice Age Trail' -Anderson, Jim(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Fortunei', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Robust Giant'
8 'Picasso's Blue Period'Nat-Sport'Pablo Picasso'Wols, Don(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Elegans', 'Fortunei' 'Ice Age Trail', 'Puckered Giant', 'Robusta', 'Sieboldiana', Hosta sieboldii, 'Woodland Blue'
9 'Valley's Blues Talk'Hybrid'Ice Age Trail'UnknownLinneman, Jeroen(GENETIC BACKGROUND) 'Big Daddy', 'Fortunei', 'Ice Age Trail', 'Robust Giant'


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