No.CultivarType of OriginMother/Pod Parentx Pollen ParentSourceBackground Information
1 'Abba at Large'Sport'Sun Power' -Aden, Paul'Abba Dabba Darling', 'Abba Dabba Don't', 'Paradise Power' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
2 'Abba Dabba Darling'Sport'Sun Power' -Parsons, Russ & Summers, Alex'Abba at Large', 'Paradise Power' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
3 'Abba Dabba Don't'Sport'Abba Dabba Do' -Summers, Alex'Abba at Large', 'Abba Dabba Darling', 'Paradise Power' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Sun Power', 'Aden No. 217', 'Aden No. 219' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
4 'Green Power' (Snyder)Sport'Paradise Power' -Snyder, Ron'Sun Power' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Green Power' (Van den Top) (SIMILAR NAME)
5 'High Voltage'Sport'Paradise Power' -Van den Top, Jan(SOURCE: Hosta Library) + Submit Information on this Hosta
6 'Paradise Power'Sport'Sun Power' -Fransen, Marco'Abba at Large', 'Lakeside Symphony', 'Summer Serenade' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
7 'Power of Prayer'Sport'Paradise Power' -Snyder, Ron+ Submit Information on this Hosta
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