CultivarType of OriginMother/Pod Parentx Pollen ParentSourceBackground Information
'Bud Lite'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossBeilstein, Doug & Mardy & Rogers, Floyd'Grand Slam', 'Neat Splash', 'Rising Sun' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Fall Blush'HybridComplex CrossComplex CrossBeilstein, Doug & Mardie'Neat Splash', 'Rising Sun' 'Grand Slam''Red Puppy' 'Atom Smasher', 'Redback Tavern' (GENETIC BACKGROUND)
'Gold Regal'Unknown - -Aden, Paul & Unknown'Eternity', 'Golden Sculpture', 'High Noon', 'Rising Sun', 'Shade Master', 'Starboard Light' (SIMILAR HOSTAS) 'Aden No. 392' (DUPLICATE/INCORRECT NAME)
'High Noon'Unknown - -Seaver, Mildred'Bold and Brassy', 'Afternoon Delight', 'Five O'Clock Shadow', 'Fort Knox', 'Gold Regal', 'Golden Sculpture', 'Rising Sun', 'Sea High Noon', 'Sea Tail', 'Yellow Highness' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'King Oil'Hybrid'Rising Sun'UnknownBeilstein, Doug & Malloy, Alex+ Submit Information on this Hosta
'Rising Sun'Hybrid'Summer Fragrance' sibling'Aztec Treasure' siblingVaughn, Kevin'Golden Sculpture', 'High Noon' (SIMILAR HOSTAS)
'Setting Sun'Sport'Rising Sun' -Schwarz, Jim+ Submit Information on this Hosta
'Uprising'Sport'Rising Sun' -Fransen, Marco & Joyce+ Submit Information on this Hosta
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