Schmid (1991) described groups of plants that have the same basic structure and vary only in their leaf color. The cultivars listed are very similar to each other and some are probably identical i.e. the same plant but with a different name.

This group was defined as "The H. 'Fortunei' hybrid complex in its various forms has a tendency to produce variegated sports that occur in cultivation and are frequently found in tissue culture explants...a multitude of mutants exist in gardens but they often disappear because many are unstable...Although generally attributed to H. 'Fortunei', most are mutants of H. 'Fortunei Hyacinthina' or H. 'Fortunei Aoki'."

No.CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
1 'Crowned Imperial'MediumBlue/GreenMarginalWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalters Gardens.1988
2 'Freckles'LargeMed-Green -UnknownNear-WhiteJune into JulyViette, Andre & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta Society.2009
3 'Green Gold'LargeDark-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustMack, Carl & Savory, Robert.1986
4 'Jester'LargeMed-GreenMarginalChartreuseSportPale-LavenderJuly into AugustUnknown--NR--
5 'La Vista'SmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteSportPale-LavenderJune into JulyWalters Gardens.1988
6 'Mary Marie Ann'SmallBlue/GreenMedialWhiteHybridMed-LavenderJuly into AugustEnglerth, Lawrence.1982
7 'Nancy Lindsay'LargeLight-Green -SportPale-LavenderJulyBritish Hosta and Hemerocallis Society.1988
8 'Raindance'MediumMed-GreenMedialYellowTC SportPale-LavenderJulyWalters Gardens--NR--
9 'Snowdrift'SmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteTC SportPale-LavenderJulyZilis, Mark.1985
10 'Thea'MediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly into AugustStratham, Netta & Bond, Sandra.1985
11 'White Edge' - -Duplicate- Duplicate Name--NR--
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