Schmid (1991) described groups of plants that have the same basic structure and vary only in their leaf color. The cultivars listed are very similar to each other and some are probably identical i.e. the same plant but with a different name.

This group was defined as plants that were obtained in the 1960s by German nurseryman, Heinz Klose directly from the originator, Eric Smith of England. Most of them were named by Klose and these cultivar names are listed below. It is not known which filial generation (TF) belonged to any of the cultivars thus named.


No.CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
1 'Blaue Venus'MediumBlue/Green -UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2003
2 'Blaumeise'SmallBlue/Green -UnknownPale-LavenderAugustKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2003
3 'Blauspecht'MediumBlue/Green -UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2003
4 'Fumiko'MediumBlue/Green -UnknownMed-LavenderJulyKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2003
5 'Grunspecht'MediumDark-Green -SportPale-LavenderJulyKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter.2003
6 'Irische See'MediumBlue/Green -HybridPale-LavenderJulyKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter.1998
7 'Naomi'SmallDark-Green -UnknownUnknownJuly into AugustKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter.2006
8 'Nordatlantik'MediumBlue/Green -HybridPale-LavenderJulySmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter.1997
9 'Silberpfeil'MediumBlue/Green -UnknownPale-LavenderSeptemberKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2005
10 'Tomoko'MediumBlue/Green -UnknownNear-WhiteJulyKlose, Heinz & Ruh, Peter.2003
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