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No.Cultivar NamePlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorSourceMark Zilis' The Hostapedia (2009)
1 'Abba Dabba Do'LargeDark-GreenMarginalGreenish WhiteAvent, TonyZilis Comment: " the most widely distributed green-centered, gold margined sport of 'Sun Power' in the nursery industry. It makes an outstanding background or specimen plant."
2 'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'LargeBlue/Green  Walden West NurseryZilis Comment: "Its combination of cupping, rich blue-green color, and corrugation makes it a superior specimen plant in the garden. It also has value as a breeding plant."
3 'Aksarben'GiantBlue/Green  Geissler, Julia & Ruh, PeterZilis Comment: "Despite being one of the oldest of its category ("heavily corrugated, blue-green H. sieboldiana 'Elegans' type "), 'Aksarban' still rates as one of the best. Of course, the name "Aksarben" is "Nebraska" spelled backwards."
4 'All That Jazz'LargeDark-GreenMarginalWhitePetryszyn, OlgaZilis Comment: "Viewing this fantastic cultivar in Olga Petryszyn's collection almost took my breath away...a truly elegant clump."
5 'Am I Blue'GiantBlue/Green  Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneZilis Comment: "...ranks as an outstanding blue-leaved cultivar with somewhat of an open mound habit."
6 'Aphrodite'LargeMed-Green  Maekawa, Dr Fumio & Schmid, W. George & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta SocietyZilis Comment: "One of the greatest hostas ever introduced...There is some debate as to how many petals 'Aphrodite' should possess, but the typical number ranges from ten to twenty. As for double-flowered hostas, it should be kept moist during the hottest times of the summer or the flower buds will turn brown and abort."
7 'August Moon'LargeYellow  Langfelder, Richard & Ruh, PeterZilis Comment: "...ranks as one of the oldest and most greatly admired of all gold-leaved hostas. Every collector recognizes this plant..."
8 'Aureomarginata', H. montanaLargeMed-GreenMarginalYellowMaekawa, Dr Fumio & The American Hosta SocietyZilis Comment: "...ranks near the top of any hosta list due to its brightly colored foliage, large size, and attractive flowers. In the landscape it makes an impact and can become a focal point if sited properly." From Field Guide to Hostas by Mark Zilis, "The Beginner's Collection" recommendation.
9 'Aureomarginata', H. ventricosaLargeDark-GreenMarginalWhiteHensen, Karel & Bloom, Alan & The American Hosta SocietyZilis Comment: "Just the addition of a creamy margin to H. ventricosa created one of the most outstanding hosta cultivars in existence."
10 'Aztec Treasure'LargeYellow  Vaughn, KevinZilis Comment: "...certainly ranks as one of the best gold-leaved cultivars ever produces purple flowers that contrast nicely with the bright gold foliage."
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