Hosta 'Aberdeen Mountain'

Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan, this non-registered cultivar is a seedling of H. 'El Nino' × H. 'Katsuragawa Beni'. It is a small to medium size hosta with blue-green foliage that comes to a point at the tips. The petioles are red to light purplish dotted as they emerge in the spring. The flowers are striped with purplish-pink colors and they bloom in August followed by some pod formation. Viability of the seeds has not been tested.

The originator offered the following comments: "This pretty hybrid blooms in August, and it does form pods...reluctantly. I've plied it with many pollens, but the bees always seem to have more success than me. I'm not sure if the seeds are viable. The flower tepals are white streaked with violet-pink, and some tepals are sprinkled with little violet-pink dots. The slightly folded leaves are glaucous front and back and the blue color holds fairly well into mid-summer. I love how the foliage ripples along one edge towards the middle of each leaf and then narrows to a sharp tip. Upon emergence, the petioles are lavender at the base and then further up they are delicately speckled with violet-red...This is the sort of blue hosta that really catches the eye. It always looked fabulous in a yellow-gold ceramic pot on my front porch step...If all goes well, I hope to have H. 'Aberdeen Mountain' in the Hosta Registry by January 2021. "

Mikiko Lockwood in an article on The Hosta Library titled, A Little About Japanese Hosta Terms defines the term beni as red or rouge.

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