Hosta 'Alice Blue Gown'

Another of the many seedlings of H. 'Dorothy Benedict', this cultivar was registered by Dr. Ed Elslager of Michigan in 2002. It grows to about 21 inches in height with a width of 48 inches. The blue-green foliage is heavily streaked with yellow. Its leaves are slightly wavy, somewhat cupped, and have thick substance. Medium purple flowers bloom from mid-July into August.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "This streaked beauty fulfilled on of Ed Elslager's goals in breeding hostas, i.e. to produce beautifully variegated foliage on a blue-green base...The cultivar name honors a song written in 1919 for the musical "Irene" and dedicated to Teddy Roosevelt's daughter, Alice Roosevelt Longworth."

bullet H. 'Dazzling'
bullet H. 'Eggs Benedict'
bullet H. 'George W.'

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