Hosta 'All Star'


This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. One is registered (shown above) and, therefore, the "official" version of H. 'All Star' while the other is a non-registered plant and needs to be renamed.

A sport of H. 'Antioch', this cultivar was registered by D. Aiello of Rhode Island in 2005. The leaves are heavily streaked in the center with yellow to white margins. Lavender flowers bloom in July.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'All Star' (Aiello)


This non-registered cultivar is a hybrid of H. 'Flamboyant' × H. hypoleuca originated by Dr. Doug Beilstein of Ohio and Alex Malloy of New York. It is a small size plant with yellow and white streaked variegation. As mentioned above, this plant needs to be renamed to avoid confusion.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'All Aflutter' (Beilstein)

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