Hosta 'Apostle'


Registered by Gerhard and Renate Ragus of Germany in 2020, this cultivar is an open-pollinated seedling of H. 'Sum and Substance'. This small to medium size hosta stands about 13 inches tall by 24 inches wide. Its foliage is greenish-yellow, slightly rippled, broadly ovate, relatively flat overall and dull on the top and bottom. The petioles have red speckles at the base. Deep purple flowers with white at the tepal base bloom from mid-July into August on scapes about 25 inches tall. It bears viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "....Large greenish-yellow leaves with partly serrated margins. Dual colored flowers, very short seedpods, very sun tolerant, green when grown in more shade and occasionally produces multi-branched scapes...small variegated bracts close to each bulbous bud."


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