Hosta 'Biting Rosebud'

This non-registered cultivar of unidentified parentage was originated by Clyde Crockett of Indiana. It is a large size plant about 19 inches high by 40 inches wide with dark green foliage that has creamy white streaked variegation. The foliage is slightly corrugated, moderately wavy and moderately shiny on the bottom.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...somewhat unstable with some leaves sporting to a white-centered, green-margined configuration. Jim Schwarz reported to me that 'Biting Rosebud' was named after a dog."

An entry at the Hostasearch website quotes Clyde as saying this plant was originally named H. 'Rosebud' but Bob Savory also had a plant by that name. So, Clyde renamed his plant based on a story about being bit by Patsy Stygall's Shih-tzu dog while he was taking pictures in Patsy's garden.


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