Hosta 'Celestial'

Dr. Ed Elslager of Michigan registered this hybrid of H. 'Dorothy Benedict' × H. hypoleuca in 2000. The giant size (30 inches high by 43 inches wide) mound of heavily corrugated, deeply lobed foliage bears pale lavender to near white flowers from late June into July followed by viable seeds.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this cultivar "...has the Sieboldiana look and can be thought of as a significant improvement over 'Northern Halo'."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Slow growth rate. Needs plenty of space as it eventually makes a huge clump...The huge arching leaves have attractive variegation and good surface texture."

bullet H. 'Formal Attire'
bullet H. 'Hippodrome'
bullet H. 'Northern Exposure'
bullet H. 'Northern Halo'
bullet H. 'Van Wade'
bullet H. 'Celestial Lightning'


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