Hosta 'C'est Magnifique'

Registered by Madelon Gilligan of New Zealand in 2017, this large size (18 inches high by 36 inches wide) cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Brant Rock Jetty'. The foliage is light to dark green with a yellow marginal variegation. Its leaves are broadly ovate, slightly corrugated and dull on top. Medium lavender flowers with slightly darker stripes and translucent edges bloom from mid-July into August on scapes about 25 inches tall. It sets viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "...petioles tend to lean down if short on water and when temps are high...Large, handsome plant generously streaked and striped in light green, darker green, cream & yellow...Colors intensify becoming bolder and more eye catching as season progresses...seeds obtained from Rick Goodenough of Massachusetts..."

It is magnificent.


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