Hosta 'Chopsticks'

This cultivar was originated by Roy Herold of Massachusetts and registered on his behalf by Kevin Walek (Hosta Registrar) in 2009. It is an interspecific (two species) hybrid of H. pycnophylla x H. longipes hypoglauca. The medium size hosta is about 15 inches tall by 32 inches wide with foliage that is ovate shaped and moderately wavy leaves. A key characteristic is the reddish petioles which support the leaves. Bluish purple flowers with translucent edges bloom from mid-September into October on scapes about 24 inches tall.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "Roy Herold was the first hybridizer to focus on red petioles. His efforts resulted in an outstanding group of cultivars with rich, deep red petioles..."

Similar species include H. longipes hypoglauca and H. pycnophylla.

Significant seedlings include H. 'Sayuri'.



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