Hosta 'Color Fairy'


Registered by R. Hatt of Massachusetts in 2020, this cultivar is a miniature size (6 inches high by 14 inches wide) sport of H. 'Yellow Polka Dot Bikini'. The foliage is dark green with medial (center) variegation that varies from green to yellow to cream color. Its foliage is slightly rippled, slightly wavy, very slightly corrugated and slightly shiny on top. Pale lavender flowers emerge from bulbous, pale purple buds and bloom in August on scapes about 22 inches tall. It does not set seed.

The registration materials state: "...Leaves start out green with slightly darker margins. Leaf centers fade slowly through lighter shades of green, yellow & cream.  Margins appear to get darker as the centers fade.  An ever evolving (kaleidoscopic) array of colors and textures...Leaf centers fade from green to yellow to cream throughout the season...lightly wavy overall and very lightly corrugated late in the season."


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