Hosta 'Crispula Viridis'

This is a plant that at one time was thought to be a naturally occurring botanical variety of the species H. crispula. It was then re-designated as a cultivar status probably because of lack of evidence that it came from the wild. The plant forms a large size mound whose foliage is medium green in color and slightly rippled. It bears very pale lavender flowers in July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), " certainly the equal of many other large-size green-leaved cultivars. It makes an excellent background plant or large ground cover."

"An all-green form of the species, but the leaf margin is not as undulate. Aoba in Aoba Sazanami Gibōshi means green leaf, and the name indicates that a green-leaved form also exists in Japan. Maekawa considered H. kiyosumiensis to be very closely related to H. 'Crispula' but the latter has a taller scape and a much higher flower count."


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