Hosta 'Crown Prince'


This seedling of unidentified parentage (probably H. sieboldii background) was originated by Henry Ross of Ohio and registered on his behalf by Peter Ruh of Ohio in 1987. It is a medium size plant which grows to about 12 inches in height with a spread of 25 inches. The yellow plant has a green marginal variegation on its elliptical shaped leaves. Purple, funnel shaped flowers bloom in August.

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas by Diana Grenfell (2009) states: "Moderate growth rate. Easy to grow. Very underrated...Leaf color changes throughout the season giving a tricolor effect and also a vivid contrast with the rich violet flowers."

The registration materials state: "Original registration failed to appear in The Hosta Journal Vol 19, No.1 along with the other 1987 Registrations.  First published record appeared in The Genus Hosta List of Registered Cultivars (Silver Book)."

bullet H. 'Amy Elizabeth'
bullet H. 'Emerald Tiara'
bullet H. 'Green with Envy'

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