H. ventricosa
'Crystal Fountain'

A sport of H. ventricosa, this cultivar was registered by Bruce Banyai of Delaware in 1999. It is a gold colored, large size plant about 24 inches high with a spread of 24 inches. Bell-shaped, medium purple flowers bloom in July.

In terms of propagation of this plant, The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009) continues on page 495, "One unusual characteristic of H. ventricosa is the formation of asexual (apomictic) seedlings. The flowers need to be fertilized for seed formation to occur, but instead of just developing a single, sexually produced embryo like all other hostas, multiple embryos, asexual in nature, develop out of endosperm tissue in the seed..."

"...The asexual seedlings are genetically identical to the mother plant, meaning that H. ventricosa can be clonally propagated by seed with the caveat that an occasional seedling (from the sexually produced embryo) will be different."

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