Hosta 'Etched Glass'
aka SHADOWLANDS« 'Etched Glass'

Registered by Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan in 2018, this cultivar is a sport of H. 'Stained Glass'. The medium size hosta grows to about 15 inches in height with a spread of 32 inches.  It has shiny green, heavily corrugated foliage that has extremely thick substance. The leaves have a wide golden-yellow medial (center) variegation. They are broadly ovate, slightly folded, moderately wavy, dull on top and slightly shiny on the bottom. White, very fragrant flowers bloom from August into September on scapes about 21 to 27 inches tall but does not set seed. 'Etched Glass' is probably a tetraploid hosta.

The registration materials state: "...The wide, dark green margins provide high contrast with the bright, brilliant yellow centers. Between the margin and the center is a light green pattern. Margins have puckering when the plant is mature...One of Proven Winners SHADOWLAND series..."


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