Hosta 'Floratini'

In 2009, Mark Zilis of Illinois registered this cultivar which is a hybrid of H. 'Pilgrim' × H. 'Shining Tot'. It is a miniature size plant about 5 inches tall by 14 inches wide with yellow foliage. The leaves are ovate, slightly wavy and dull on top. Medium purple, tubular flowers bloom in August.

From the Field Guide to Hostas by Mark Zilis (2014), "Other cultivars... include 'Appletini', 'Azuretini' (blue), 'Bluetini' (blue), 'Bubbatini' (blue), 'Limetini' (gold in spring, then green), 'Martini' (medium green) and 'Saketini' (oddly colored leaves and closed flowers)."


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