Hosta 'Gingee'

This seedling of H. 'Subcrocea' was registered by Russ O'Harra of Iowa in 1986. It grows into a small size hosta about 10 inches in height with a spread of 26 inches. The yellow foliage is heavily rippled and has thin texture. In late July, it bears pale purple flowers.

Seedlings include H. 'Little Lulu'.

Gingee (Marjorie Light) is a DJ, producer and vocalist from Los Angeles.  Gingee (Senji) is a town in Villupuram district in India.

  1. H. 'Little Lulu'


Oops! This green hosta with a white marginal variegation was labeled as H. 'Gingee' in a garden on the 2010 National Convention of The American Hosta Society garden tours in Minnesota. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the description of this cultivar.

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