Hosta 'Golden Honey'

This is one of those cases where there are three hostas with the same name. None are currently registered with The American Hosta Society. The first one to be registered would become the "official" hosta of that name and the others would have to be renamed.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...'Golden Honey' represents a confusing situation to say the least!...George Schmid (1991, p.167) listed three plants bearing this name, including one from Eric Smith of England (later renamed 'Gold Haze'), one from "K. Anderson", and the third from "Lewis" ("Summers #73")...I have never seen a single specimen in a collection or nursery labeled 'Golden Honey'."

The confusion continues...


Schmid (1991) reports that a hosta named 'Golden Honey' was from a person named "Anderson". Zilis (2009) changes this to K. Anderson without further explanation.


Schmid (1991) reports a hosta named 'Golden Honey' that was from "Smith UK" which is the term he uses to refer to Eric Smith of England. This was the hosta that was later renamed 'Gold Haze'. However, Schmid also says that 'Gold Haze' was originally 'Golden Haze' and not 'Golden Honey'.


Schmid (1991) reports a hosta named 'Golden Honey' that was from "Lewis" which is how he usually referred to Alan Lewis of England. A plant of this cultivar came into the possession of Alex Summers of Delaware and was given his inventory name, "Summers #73".


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