Hosta 'Golden Honey'


According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...'Golden Honey' represents a confusing situation to say the least!...George Schmid (1991, p.167) listed three plants bearing this name, including one from Eric Smith of England (later renamed 'Gold Haze'), one from "K. Anderson", and the third from "Lewis" ("Summers #73")...I have never seen a single specimen in a collection or nursery labeled 'Golden Honey'."

It is even more confusing because on page 167, Schmid list it as:

"H. 'Golden Honey' Anderson.

 H. 'Golden Honey' Lewis.
 HN: Summers No. 73 1967.

 H. 'Golden Honey' Smith."

Note that he does not say, K. Anderson and he generally says Smith UK when writing about Eric Smith. Also in other parts of the book when he refers to "Lewis", he is referring to Alan Lewis of England. Finally, Schmid says that 'Gold Haze' was originally known as 'Golden Haze' and not 'Golden Honey'. The confusion continues...


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