Hosta 'Goldzirkel'
aka 'Golda Keir'

There is an image of this cultivar on the Hosta Library. From the photo, it appears to be a large size hosta with blue-green leaves and narrow, creamy yellow marginal variegation. This non-registered cultivar of unidentified parentage is from Heinz Klose of Staudengärtnerei Klose in Germany.   

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "The name "goldzirkel" (German) translates to "gold circle" indicating that this may be the same as Hosta 'Golden Circles'."

This hosta was included on a list at the Hosta Library with the name as both 'Goldzirkel' and 'Goldeir Kel'. Also, comparing the images of 'Goldzirkel' with 'Golden Circles', it would appear that 'Golden Circles' has a much wider, more defined marginal variegation. One source indicated that this cultivar originated with Eric Smith of England.


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