Hosta 'Herringbone'


Registered by Dave Bowe of Ohio in 2022, this fast growing cultivar is a seedling of "Bowe Seedling 8583" × (H. 'Ringtail' × H. 'Shining Tot'). It is a small size plant about 7 inches high by 19 inches wide with dark green foliage that has a yellow to white marginal variegation. The lanceolate leaves are slightly twisted, wavy and very shiny on top and bottom. Medium purple flowers with white throats and dark purple stripes inside bloom in August on scapes up to 24 inches tall. The viability of the seeds was unknown at the time of registration.

The registration materials state: "Flower bracts angle upwards while the flowers & buds angle down.  Shiny, dark green leaves with yellow (turning white) margins...yellow margins turn white later in the season ."


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