Hosta 'Jet Black'

Registered by Dr. Doug and Mardy Beilstein of Ohio in 2017, this large size (24 inches high by 48 inches wide) cultivar is a hybrid of "Chastain Seedling 04 B1" streaked seedling × H. 'Skylight'. It has intensively powdery blue-green foliage which is nearly round, slightly cupped, moderately corrugated, slightly cupped (both upwards and downwards) and has a glaucous bloom on top. Near white flowers bloom from late June into July on scapes around 30 inches tall. It sets seeds but few of them are viable.

The registration materials state: "...Very glaucous, powdery blue-green color fades to very dark green (almost black). Most leaves are relatively flat, but some cup upwards, some down. Add almost white flowers and 'Jet Black' lives up to its name...After bloom is gone, leaves look almost black."


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