Hosta 'Jumonji'

It is a sport of H. 'Opipara' of unidentified origin . This is a small to medium size hosta with slightly waxy, medium green foliage that has a narrow, yellow to creamy white marginal variegation. Lavender flowers with purple stripes bloom on scapes 14 inches tall in August followed by viable seeds.

At one time, most plants of H. 'Opipara' were infected by a virus which caused their variegation pattern. This cultivar is a virus-free form of H. 'Opipara' from Japan.

The name of this cultivar sounds like the movie, "Jumanji" but, as you can see, the official spelling of the hosta's name is slightly different. A Google search says that it is the name of the Japanese character for the number ten.

bullet H. 'Bill Brincka'

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