Hosta 'Justine'

Originated by Jan van den Top of the Netherlands and granted a U.S. patent in 2011 prior to being registered on his behalf by Registrar, Gayle Hatley Alley for The American Hosta Society in 2019. This is a tetraploid sport of H. 'June Fever' is a medium size plant about 11 inches tall by 22 inches wide with "strong" yellowish green foliage with a dark green marginal variegation with a variable margin of moderate olive green. The leaves are shiny on top, ovate and relatively flat overall. Pale lavender flowers bloom from July into August on scapes 9 to 12 inches tall followed by viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "...Thick, shiny, tri-color leaves on this tetraploid (flow cytometry tested by Dr. Ben J.M. Zonneveld). Smallish size: can fit anywhere. USPP21624."


United States Patent: PP21624   (2011)

Abstract: A new and distinct cultivar of Hosta plant named ‘Justine’, characterized by its outwardly spreading foliage with upright flower scapes; dark green and light green variegated foliage; light violet-colored flowers that are positioned above the foliage on strong scapes; and good garden performance.



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