Hosta 'Little Caesar'

This seedling of H. 'Breeder's Choice' was registered by Sandra Bond of Goldbrook Plants in England in 2000. It forms a miniature mound 5 inches high and 12 inches wide with lanceolate, rippled leaves of average substance. Purple flowers bloom in July.

The Book of Little Hostas by Kathy and Michael Shadrack (2010) says: "In good light quickly forms an irregular mound. The leaves of young plants show a distinct twist. Ideal for troughs and bowls."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas (2009) states in its Miniature Hostas chapter: "Among the best of the smaller white-centered, green-margined hostas. Increases rapidly. Has unusually good substance...Leaves have a more pronounced twist when young."

Similar cultivars include H. 'Apple Court', H. 'Calypso' and H. 'Medusa'.

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