Hosta 'Little Darling'


This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. One is registered and, therefore, the "official" version of H. 'Little Darling' while the other is a non-registered plant and needs to be renamed to avoid further confusion.

A medium size hosta, this cultivar is a sport of H. 'Betty Darling' which was registered by Clarence Owens of Michigan in 1994. 'Little Darling' is a green hosta with white marginal variegation. It bears purple flowers from July into August on scapes about 24 inches tall.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Little Darling' (Owens)

Originated by Monrovia Nursery of California, this non-registered, cultivar is a miniature size hosta with  bright green leaves that has a wide creamy yellow medial (center) variegation. Its flowers bloom in July.

Actually, this is a cultivar named H. 'MonChard' but it is sold by Monrovia under a registered trademark name of Little Darling« Hosta. Just a little more confusion in the world of Hostas.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Little Darling' (Monrovia Nursery)


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