'Lovely to Behold'

This is the result of a cross between H. 'Dorothy Benedict' × a seedling of  H. 'Dorothy Benedict' which was registered by Stuart Asch of Michigan in 2000. The medium size clump grows to around 17 inches in height with a spread of 40 inches. Its foliage is blue-green to dark green with yellow marginal variegation. Pale lavender flowers bloom from mid-June into July.

The originator made the following comment on the Fraternal Order of Seedy Fellows website: "One of my early DB crosses that still holds a special place on my list of favorites. Irregular streaking, heavy on substance, and corrugated leaves, make it unique indeed. Rather low growing with a nicely spreading pattern. Pale lavender flowers begin to flourish in the middle of June. Little or no slug damage."


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