Hosta 'Mighty Finn'

Registered by Dr. Doug and Mardy Beilstein of Ohio in 2018, this cultivar is a seedling of an unnamed F1 streaked seedling of H. 'Big Kahuna' × H. 'Brutus'. It is an upright growing large size hosta that grows to about 25 inches high by 34 inches wide. The leaves are dark green with a light green transition to a white medial (center) variegation. They are broadly ovate, slightly folded and dull on top. Medium lavender flowers bloom from mid-June into July on scapes up to 44 inches tall followed by viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "...Vase shaped 'Mighty Finn' is guarding the garden. Stiff leaves with moderate ruffles end in a twisted point. With three colors decking its top side it invites everyone for a closer look. Definitely a "statement" hosta...Center emerges creamy yellow changing to creamy white, and the tri-color contrasts sharpen as the season progresses...petioles have same creamy centers and dark green edges as the leaf." 

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