Hosta 'Oga'
aka Oga Gibōshi

This non-registered cultivar from Japan is a medium size hosta about 17 inches high by 45 inches wide with medium green foliage. The leaves are slightly corrugated, ovate, flat and have 5 pairs of veins. It bears lavender flowers in August followed by viable seeds.

"Oga Gibōshi, the "hosta from Oga" is purported to be from Oga Hanto (Oga Peninsula) in Akita Prefecture of northwestern Honshu. It is a H. sieboldii × H. rectifolia intermediate."

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "...becomes an attractive, fairly dense mound of green foliage that is topped by a good show of lavender flowers in August. Its origins are obscure. The name looks like, but is not, a Japanese common name for a hosta species or cultivar."


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