Hosta 'Pebble Creek Doggone Nice'


Registered by Joanna Kovalcsik and the originator Ron Livingston of Michigan  in 2020, this fast growing cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Blue Dogwood' × H. 'Lemon Ice'. It is an upright, large size hosta about 21 inches high by 32 inches wide.

The greenish-yellow foliage is slightly rippled, slightly twisted and corrugated with deeply impressed veins. Its leaves have white backs and extended tips. Medium lavender flowers whose alternate petals have translucent, ruffled margins and narrow lavender stripes bloom in July. It sets viable seed in greenish-yellow pods atop scapes only 18 to 19 inches tall.

The registration materials state: "All season, the rippled and serrated leaves of this charming hybrid put on a show. Superb substance & remains attractive in temps near 100 degrees. From a distance, the entire bloom scape appears lavender - unusual against the greenish-yellow foliage...Emerges citron yellow with glaucous blue coating; becomes greenish-yellow by July retaining a soft blue bloom at the mid-ribs."

According to Joanna, "...Ron Livingston origination that he gifted to me in 2011. It will be sent to TC in the summer of 2021."



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