Hosta 'Pebble Creek Five Stones'


Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan and registered by her in 2022, this upright growing cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Betty Blake' × H. 'Katsuragawa Beni'. It is a miniature size hosta about 6 inches tall by 10 inches wide with medium green foliage. The lanceolate leaves are "lightly twisted and moderately wavy overall with long pointy tips & ruffled finely serrated edges that flush red in the spring, some leaves pinch just above the base of the mid-rib, red-speckling on petioles sometimes extends into the midrib".

It bears flowers in July with purple speckles and striations and an interior star-shaped, purple blaze. The scapes are about 14 inches tall with persistent bracts. The viable seeds are set in green pods that have red speckles and stripes.

The registration materials state: "Mini hosta perfect for rock garden or trough.  Rippled green leaves cluster into a tight vase-shaped mound on red petioles.  Spring weather can bring a red blush to tips and edges.  Cheery purple & white flowers have a snowflake pattern fertility, choosy about pollen."

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