Hosta 'Pebble Creek GPS'


Registered by Joanna Kovalcsik and the originator Jim Vrable of Michigan  in 2020, this cultivar is a slow growing seedling of (H. 'Dorothy Benedict' × H. nigrescens) × (H. 'Dorothy Benedict' × H. nigrescens). This is an upright, large size hosta about 21 inches tall by 41 inches wide with medium green colored foliage. The leaves are nearly round, slightly shiny on top, moderately corrugated and has prominent veins. Its white flowers have pale lavender centers with orange pollen on peach-colored anthers. They bloom in July on scapes about 27 inches tall followed by viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "Nearly round, corrugated leaves and extremely fertile pollen. Finds the path to pod-set even on difficult cultivars. Attractive progeny."

According to Joanna, "...origination that I received from Jim at the Eastern Michigan Hosta Society annual trade in 2009. I have used PC GPS in many crosses over the years. The hybrid is extremely fertile both ways. The powerful pollen is usually able to coax even the most reluctant pod parents. It even set a pod on Krossa Regal. Inside the pod was one perfect plump seed. Sadly, it did not germinate, but it was great fun to try."

  1. H. 'Pebble Creek Basin'

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