Hosta 'Pebble Creek Landmark'


Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan and registered by her in 2022, this cultivar a seedling of H. 'Xanadu Virginia Mary' × H. 'Red Dragon'. It is a medium size hosta about 17 inches high by 41 inches wide with medium green foliage and dark red petioles. The leaves are heavily rippled at the margins and come to a pointed tip which bends downward. They are described as "...lightly twisted, folded and wavy overall with light corrugation on mature leaves. Somewhat pinched at midrib and pointed tips that sometimes twist. Vigorous grower..."

Pale lavender flowers with purple veins and a bright purple center vein are surrounded by white-purple splotches as weather cools. The bloom from late August into September on scapes 20 to 37 inches tall. Pod-set is rare but the seeds found in the purple black pods are viable.

The registration materials state: "Long twisting lightly rippled green leaves are lifted to the breeze on scarlet petioles. Dark scapes, purple-splashed bracts and pale lavender tepals each with a bright purple central vein create a striking summer display...Narrow & deeply concave petioles are brilliant red in spring darkening to purple later. Coloration extends up the back mid-rib of each leaf.."




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