Hosta 'Pebble Creek Provenance'


Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan and registered by her in 2022, this cultivar is an upright, fast growing, open-pollinated seedling of H. 'Red Dragon'. This is a medium size (15 inches high by 29 inches wide) with medium green, lanceolate foliage that is heavily rippled, slightly twisted and moderately wavy with very long, twisted leaf tips that bend downward.

From August into early September, this hosta bears medium lavender flowers that have purple margins outside and are white on the inside with medium lavender centers. They set seeds but their viability was not known at the time of registration. Scapes are reddish purple with olive green bracts and stand 15 to 21 inches tall.

The registration materials state: "Elliptical reddish-purple scapes emerge from a clump of white-backed, long-tipped, ruffled green foliage. Ample flowers with pointy tepals show off the temperature sensitive purple edges...lightly twisted and moderately wavy overall with very long leaf tips that tend to bend downward, slightly twist & curve. Mature leaves can show some rugosity down the mid-rib."




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