Hosta 'Pebble Creek Shamayin Mayim'

Originated by Joanna Kovalcsik of Michigan, this cultivar which was registered in 2019 is an open pollinated hybrid of H. 'Big Zach'. It is a medium size hosta about 17 inches high by 44 inches in diameter with an upright form. This intensely blue-green hosta has foliage that is slightly rippled, broadly ovate, slightly corrugated and comes to a sharp tip with deeply impressed veins. As the season progresses, the leaves will turn to dark green in color. Medium lavender flowers with a white interior bloom in July on scapes 28 to 30 inches tall which have greenish-yellow bracts. Blooms are followed by viable seeds in intensely blue-green pods.

Notable characteristics were listed as: "Impressive and sturdy leaves of heavenly blue make this a stand-out in the garden. "Shamayim Mayim" is Hebrew meaning "heaven water."

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