Hosta 'Piano Man'


Registered by Owen Purvis of Elim Hosta Gardens in Wisconsin in 2022, this medium to large size (18 inches high by 32 inches wide) cultivar is of unidentified parentage. It has dark grayish green, broadly ovate foliage that is slightly twisted, slightly corrugated and moderately wavy overall. Near white flowers with pale purple center striping bloom in July on scapes 28 to 32 inches tall followed by viable seed.

The registration materials state: "Lightly corrugated, dark grayish green leaves with wavy edges and turned down tips. Emerging scapes are topped with a dense clump of whitish bracts with purple margins that look very much like a single flower bud.  As the flowers begin developing, the dense clump of bracts become separated along the length of the scape...more grayish bloom early in the season."


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